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In lands and mythological waters, where the magic mingles with reality, the great island of Chiloé, invites us to a comforting experience. Browsing through channels and Islands you can discover its beauty, majesty and charm.

We are confident that at Rucapeley Yatching you will have an unforgettable experience touring the various islands of the archipelago, visiting the most picturesque villages, and some of their churches that are considered Patrimony of the World. In this amazing journey will be marveled by the beautiful scenery and its awesome wild life. You will also enjoy of the exquisite  local cuisine and the warmth of the people that inhabit this lands of extremes, where time seems to have stopped long ago.
Always in the comfort of our state of the art yacht, designed and customized to relax and have fun. Be part of this adventure. Recommended by captain Joaquín Lepeley.